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2 BEST Elephant And Ant Story In English

BEST Elephant And Ant Story In English: It's a story from a long time ago. The Elephant and the Ant An elephant lived in a far away forest. That 

Friends, in this post we are sharing the story of the proud elephant and the ant (Elephant And Ant Story In English Written). How does a small ant break the pride of a huge, huge and powerful animal like an elephant? This is told in an interesting way in this story. This is an instructive story for children (Story For Kids With Moral), which along with increasing their moral knowledge, also teaches them how to improve their lives. Read this 2 interesting story of children (the elephant and the ant story, elephant and ant story in english, the, elephant and the ant story pdf):

1. Elephant And Ant Story in English 

elephant and ant story in english
the elephant and the ant story

the elephant and the ant story pdf: An elephant lived in a forest. He was very proud of his strength. He didn't understand other animals in front of him. He used to tease them all the time for his own fun.

Sometimes he would destroy the nest made on a tree of a bird, and sometimes he would uproot the entire tree. Sometimes he used to pick up monkeys and thrash them, and sometimes he used to trample rabbits under his feet. All the animals were upset with him. But could not do anything in front of his power.

One day the elephant was returning after drinking water from the river. At the same time, there was a bill of ants under a tree on the bank of the river. Nearby the ants were busy in their work. Before the rains, she was working hard to collect food for her bills.

The elephant understood the fun and he poured the water filled in his trunk on the ants' bill. The ants' burrow was destroyed. The ants were not able to say anything to the elephant due to fear even after their house was destroyed.

But an ant got very angry. She said to the elephant in a loud voice without fear, “What have you done? Destroyed our house. Where shall we do now?

After listening to the ant, the elephant said, "Shut up ant, otherwise I will crush you under my feet."

“You should not trouble others like this. When someone bothers you, then you will understand. The ant said again without fear.

"Who will bother me? You are like a kid… what harm will you do to me. you don't know me do you? I am the most powerful animal in this jungle. No one dares to say anything to me. You have made this mistake for the first time. That's why I'm sorry. Take care in future. Otherwise you will be killed. The elephant spoke threateningly.

The ant became silent at that time. But the mind started thinking that it is necessary to teach a lesson to this arrogant elephant. Otherwise, he will keep troubling everyone just like that.

He got this opportunity the same day in the evening. He saw the elephant sleeping very comfortably under a tree. The ant entered his trunk and started biting.

The elephant, who was sleeping comfortably, woke up in pain. he woke up. He began to shake his trunk here and there while trembling. Seeing this, the ant started biting him even more. The pain from the elephant was unbearable. He started crying loudly and started calling for help.

But who would come to his aid? He had troubled everyone in the forest. The ant kept biting him and he kept crying out in pain. At last, exhausted, he fell on the ground and started crying, "Why are you troubling me? What wrong had I done to you?"

It was to be heard that the ant said, "I am the same ant, whose house and whose companions you destroyed. Now do you understand how others feel when you bother them?"

"I have learned my lesson. I apologize to you and promise that I will never trouble anyone again. I will live together with everyone with love. Please stop biting me and come out of my trunk." The elephant said while crying.

The ant felt pity on the elephant. He felt that now the elephant's pride has also been broken and he has also got a good lesson. That's why he should be forgiven and given a chance to improve.

The ant came out of the elephant's trunk. The life of the elephant came to life. From that day onwards the elephant improved. He apologized to all the animals of the forest for his actions and promised that he would never trouble them again.

The animals forgave him and befriended him. The elephant was also very happy to be everyone's friend. Everyone started living together in the forest.

Lesson (Elephant And Ant Story Moral)

  • Never be proud. The pride of an arrogant person definitely breaks at some point.
  • One should always help others. Only then they will help you in times of trouble.
  •   One should never disturb others and live in harmony with everyone.

2. The Elephant And The Ant Story

elephant and ant story in english
the elephant and the ant story pdf

the elephant and the ant story: elephant was very proud. He used to trouble all the animals of the forest a lot. That elephant used to trouble even the lion, the king of the jungle.

He used to uproot the trees without any work. To show his power, he used to torture other animals of the forest. The animal who did not salute him used to destroy his house.

Once this proud elephant went to the pond near the forest. Some ants were collecting their food on the banks of that pond. Slamming the elephant, he said to the ants, what are you doing here. On this an ant said, we are uniting our food. So that we can eat this food during the rainy season.

The elephant was amused at this and he filled his nostrils with water from the river and with great speed poured it over the little ants and into their bill. In this way all the hard work and food of those little ants went to waste. Seeing this, the elephant started laughing loudly. The ants got very angry on this.

He thought of learning a lesson from this elephant. After this, many ants started moving towards the elephant. Seeing this, he said loudly to the elephant, what can you do with me. The ant came near the elephant and started climbing up on its leg. Some ant entered the elephant's ear and some ant entered the elephant's nose. After this she started biting the ant.

Now the condition of the elephant has become miserable. He started having a lot of pain. And he started crying loudly. The elephant was crying so loudly that other animals of the forest also came to him. The elephant was apologizing to everyone. And was also apologizing to the ant.

Now he had learned his lesson well from the elephant. That's why the ant came out of the elephant's ear and nose. After this the elephant did not bother any animal of the forest.

So this was the elephant and ant story. This story elephant and ant story is very short. But we get to learn a lot from this. Even the smallest of reasons can ruin the biggest of pride.

The Elephant and the Ant Story PDF DOWNLOAD

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