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Monkey And Cap Seller Story With Moral

 Monkey And Cap Seller Story With Moral: Hello friends, today we are going to read the story of Monkey And Cap Seller. The story of Monkey And Cap Seller is one of great fun and wisdom.

monkey and cap seller story, the cap seller and the monkey, cap seller story, the cap seller and the monkey story in english may be one of the old story but it is still very much liked today. And there is a lot to be learned from this story.

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The Cap Seller And The Monkeys Story With Moral

Monkey And Cap Seller Story With Moral

It occurred a long time ago. A cap seller lived in a far away village. His main job was to sell hats. He used to go from street to street selling caps and from that he used to earn just enough money to fill his stomach. That's why he was very happy with his life.

When that hat seller used to go to sell hats, he used to have a bag with him. He used to keep all his caps in that bag.

Wears a cap himself and takes a cap in his hand and calls out to the people, take the cap…. once upon a time. It was a very hot day. It was as if fire was raining from the sky.

A cap seller was passing by. He was also feeling very hot. On the way he saw a very ghana tree. It was very cold under that tree. There was complete shade under the tree. Not even a single light of the sun was falling.

The cap man thought, I am very tired. It is also difficult to move forward in this sun. I should rest for a while under this tree.

Thinking of this, the cap man sat under the shade of that tree. The whole day he was moving from here to there. He fell asleep. He fell asleep keeping the hat-bag beside him.

Some monkeys were present on top of that tree. The monkeys saw that this man was sleeping with a cap on his head. We should see in his bag what is in it?

After that the monkeys came near that person and started looking at his bag. But the monkeys could not find anything to eat from his bag. There was nothing to eat in the bag but  Cap was present.

Taking the cap in his hand, he started looking at the monkeys. He didn't know anything about it. Monkeys are imitators. The monkeys saw that the cap man was wearing a cap on his head. All the monkeys also started roaming here and there wearing caps. After that the monkey climbed the tree and sat down.

The cap man woke up. He looked at his bag. Not a single cap was present in it. The cap man started looking here and there.

He could not understand where all his caps had gone. If someone steals the cap, he will take the cap along with the bag. But the same bag is lying empty.

Each cap's eye went up to the tree. He was upset to see it. All his caps were worn by monkeys. The hatter got worried.

After all, how do you get your hat from the monkeys? The cap man tries to scare the monkeys. Monkeys start scaring the hat wearer only. The cap man remembered one thing that monkeys are imitators.

They try to do the same as they see human beings. The cap man took off his cap, seeing this the monkeys also took off their caps.

Seeing this, the heart with the cap was very happy. After that the cap man put his cap on the ground in view of the monkeys, and went away a little. What was it now, all the monkeys got down from the tree and put their caps at one place on the ground. Then all the monkeys climbed the tree.

Getting a good chance, the cap seller kept all his caps in his bag and from there it became nine or eleven.

Moral of the Story: Monkey And Cap Seller Story

We learn from this story that no matter what the situation is, we should not panic. In any case, we should act wisely.

Monkey And Cap Seller Story With Moral,monkey and cap seller story, the cap seller and the monkey

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