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The Washerman's Donkey and Dog Story in English

Washerman's Donkey Panchatantra Story in English
The Washerman's Donkey and Dog

The Donkey And the Washerman Story in English: The story of the washerman's donkey and the dog is a very old story. Many people have read this story and every child should read this story.

It occurred a long time ago. A washerman named Dhaniya lived in a village. He kept a donkey and a dog. Every morning he would take people's dirty clothes to the river ghat and wash them and bring them back in the evening on a donkey's back.

Being tired all day, the washerman used to sleep a lot at night. One night the washerman was fast asleep. Some thieves entered his house during the night.

A donkey was tied outside under a shed and a dog was sitting beside it. The donkey said to the dog, look brother! A thief has entered the house. You are the watchman of this house.

Your duty is to save this house from thieves. Now you start barking loudly, so that the owner wakes up.

The dog said, Donkey brother! Don't tell me my duty I guard the house day and night, yet the owner does not pay any attention to me.

So let the owner suffer a little loss, so that he may know my worth. The donkey angrily said to the dog, Cheater! You are very salty.

The dog said, are you very loyal to the owner? Both the master and the servant should take care of their respective duties.

When he doesn't pay attention to me then why should I pay attention to him. He takes great care of you. You wake him up.

The donkey got very angry after listening to the dog and started shouting loudly. The washerman was fast asleep.

But hearing the sound of the donkey broke his sleep. The washerman got very angry. He picked up a thick stick and came out and started beating the donkey.

He beat the donkey a lot with the stick. The donkey fell on the ground half-dead. After some time, when the donkey regained consciousness, the dog asked, why brother donkey! Why was deep sleep troubling you?

The donkey said after listening to him, no dog brother! Now I have understood that whose work should be done by others and if others do it then they will play with sticks.

The story of this washerman's donkey and dog can be learned by both children and adults. Whose work is, he should do that work. One should not interfere in the work of others.


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